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A transplanted New Yorker living gluten-free in Southern California, except for key lime pie at the Galley.

Taking the surface streets, mixing metaphors, eradicating meh, one blog post at a time

Seattle hotel before touring Boeing in 2019 to do research for my book, Turbulence

alt. subtitile:

Breaking the Internet with viral stories about dermatology and HVAC

Please respond to my story and let me know if I should use that one instead. Say #1 for the one I used, or #2 for the alt. subtitle. I will go with the winner!

Yes, I do write about dermatology and unsexy subjects for some of my clients, but I am actually thrilled and grateful to be making a living as a writer. I also write screenplays, dating essays, books, copy for clients’ sites, articles on Medium, and posts on my blog, Postcards from the Couch.

Judy called me later that week to ask if it was…

How to cultivate courage and hone your voice in 2021

photo by DavideAngelini for Shutterstock

First you’ve got to deal with all the noise out there — how to make 5,000 a month writing content! How to find your voice! How to kiss your day job goodbye and be a badass blogger! And then there’s the noise in your head — hasn’t everything already been done, and done better than I can do it?? This sh*t is intimidating!

A good place to start is to ask yourself, what are your writing goals? Are you writing for therapeutic reasons, or do you want to put yourself out there, but haven’t quite figured out how? Have you…

How Will Smith’s Instagram changed my life

photo by Nancy Beijersbergen for Shutterstock

There are divorces out there that are copacetic and peaceful — a mutual parting of ways in which you both love and respect each other but you honor that the marriage is just not working anymore.

Gwyneth and Chris consciously uncoupled around the same time as my ex and I did at the beginning of 2015, but unfortunately, our consciously uncoupling more closely resembled an R-rated War of the Roses than their family-friendly kumbaya.

In my divorce, there were five stages. Pain, sadness, rage, rage…and rage. The stages were like a record where one song would play one night, and…

An open letter to that asshole Jim

photo by By Makistock for Shutterstock


I hear that you need space, and I love that idea. I’m taking this time to decompress and reflect on the beautiful time that we shared together, which this September will be ten months. I’m not going to try to change your mind because that sheriff seemed pretty blunt about the whole restraining order thing, but it helps me to just unpack our relationship and acknowledge anything that I need to own.

When we met that fateful night in Westwood at Rachel’s party I felt a connection instantly. We were already completing each other’s sentences. Of course, mine were…

The perils and joys of online dating at 50

Shutterstock photos by Fabien Monteil, Rocksweeper, Volodymyr TVERDOKHLIB,& Matt Jeppson

If you’ve been out there on the dating scene for many years, you’ve had a chance to navigate the fraught waters of online dating. But if you’re 50 and you find yourself suddenly “out there,” single after a long-ass relationship, online dating may feel more like playing in traffic than having fun. You’ve changed over the years and dating — well dating has really changed.

On the upside, many people find their true soulmates who are also newly single online. The internet can be a great connector for anyone who doesn’t have the time or patience to wait for Mr…

She rescued me and I rescued her right back. But then things got old.

photo by Enna8982 for Shutterstock

There’s an old joke: two elderley women are at a Catskill Mountain resort and one of them says, “Boy the food at this place is really lousy.” And the other woman says, I know, and such small portions.” That’s the key joke of my seven-year relationship with Jane.

You know, in the olden days, dogs lived to be five, maybe six years old. So the whole idea of growing old with your human made perfect sense.

But nowadays, with the advent of modern veterinary procedures that usually involve either having some guy shove his gloved hand up our glans or…

And how you can make this democracy work for you

photo by By Yuliia D for Shutterstock

Blah, blah, blog” was my friend’s response in 2010 when I started my first blog. Published writers were pissed at this stupid new medium that was canceling legitimate journalism and ruining the traditional publishing industry.

But blogging did not go the way of hoverboards and Google Glass. Blogging is only gaining traction because it is a way for writers to control their own destiny and take a piece of that gig economy pie.

The gig economy is booming not only because there are fewer traditional jobs to be had, but…

Alpha-Males-R-Us is getting old

photo by Prostock-studio for Shutterstock

The superficial answer to the question posed in the headline is because — haven’t we all had an assfull of all three of them already?

And hey, I’ve even been guilty of sprinkling their names into articles and books myself.

Yes we all know that Warren Buffett lives in the same fairly modest home he’s lived in for decades and reads five hours a day.

How awesome that Jeff Bezos is buying Dodger Stadium and turning it into a Whole Foods 365 store (that part is made up) and yes, Elon Musk is still a staggeringly…

I thought we were doomed as a couple

photo by B-D-S Piotr Marcinski for Shutterstock

After working for three months with my writing partner, we accidentally slept together.

We were writing a spec tv pilot about a bi-coastal couple who met and tried to make it work, even though one lived in New York and one lived in L.A. It was sort of Mad About You meets Green Acres.

After that we wrote a spec script for the Simpsons to try to get an agent. It was based on my idea of paying homage to Indecent Proposal where a millionaire offers a million dollars to sleep with Marge and Homer is ecstatic.

We landed an…

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